Friday, 21 November, 2008

SIX FEET UNDER - Death Rituals (2008)

Artista: Six Feet Under
Album: Death Rituals
Ano: 2008
Género: Death Metal/Groove
País: USA

1. Death by Machete
2. Involuntary Movement of Dead Flesh
3. None Will Escape
4. Eulogy for the Undead
5. Seed of Filth
6. Bastard
7. Into the Crematorium
8. Shot in the Head
9. Killed in Your Sleep
10. Crossroads to Armageddon
11. Ten Deadly Plagues
12. Crossing the River Styx
13. Murder Addiction


Credits To The Uploader!!

Saturday, 15 November, 2008

Threat Signal - Under Reprisal (2006)

Band: Threat Signal
Origin: Canada
Genre: melodic death metal/
with core elements(Gothenburg style)
Album release date: 2006
Status: on hold
Band official site:

average bit rate: 192kbps/44khz

Awesome Canadian band! Try mixing Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Mnemic and Soilwork, and you'll probably get something like this album. Great music, you just have to try it.


  • PyroMusic: rating:7,9 ...'Under Reprisal' is a simply stunning example of the sort of debut that can be put together when things run your way. And they are clearly a very talented act - but one that still needs to define its own character.... it gets better with every listen but I'd approach it with some's pretty good...but not THAT good!... read the whole review here
  • RockReviews: rating:8 ...Musically Threat Signal plays a modern blend of extreme metal with screamo and thrash metal influences. Imagine a mixture of Meshuggah, Soilwork and Shadows Fall - that's the first description that sprang to my mind while listening to this the whole review here