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Stigma - When Midnight Strikes (2008)

Tags: Melodic Deathcore
Lable: Pivotal Recordings
Origin: Italy
Quality: VBR (V0)
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1. (00:00:52) stigma - walpurghis night (intro)
2. (00:03:56) stigma - i am dracula
3. (00:04:04) stigma - silver bullets and burning crosses
4. (00:04:40) stigma - to be really dead... that must be glorious!
5. (00:03:53) stigma - flesh ritual
6. (00:04:07) stigma - beneath the crown of eternal light
7. (00:04:05) stigma - blood, your precious blood!
8. (00:04:11) stigma - a call for vengeance
9. (00:03:57) stigma - walking the fields of apocalypse
10. (00:03:43) stigma - sons of midnight
11. (00:04:10) stigma - epitaph of pain (bonus track)

Playing Time.........: 00:41:39
Total Size...........: 86,31 MB

Отличие от этой раздачи Link by там V2, здесь V0

Italy’s deathcore purveyors STIGMA are set to conquer the globe with the release of their debut manifesto When Midnight Strikes! With its blend of spastic riffs, mammoth breakdowns and lyrical themes revolving around horror-flick favorites such as vampires and werewolves, When Midnight Strikes! annihilates the competition.

STIGMA formed in 2000 with vocalist Stefano “Vlad” Ghersi and guitarist Morgan Ferrua. The two left their old school hardcore origins in 2002 and along the way added bass player Flavio Magnaldi, drummer Stefano Ghigliano, and second guitarist Andrea Bailo resulting in the latest incarnation of Stigma. With two EPs under their belt, namely 2003’s Metamorphosis and 2004’s Epitaph of Pain the band has had the opportunity to play with internationally renowned artists such as Entombed, Napalm Death, Soulfly, Converge, Job for a Cowboy, Marduk, Bring Me the Horizon and The Black Dahlia Murder among others as well as appearances at Germany’s Wacken Open Air and Slovenia’s Metal Camp festivals.

After nearly a year of extensive writing and gigging, STIGMA entered the studio with Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia Mundi) in winter 2007 to record this long awaited debut. Accompanying the sonic onslaught that is When Midnight Strikes! is artwork created by Davide Nadalin (Nile, The Duskfall, Threshold), the music video for the first single “I am Dracula” filmed by WhereCloudsPart (Sick of It All, Boysetsfire, Sadist) as well as guest appearances by members of The Classic Struggle, Dark Lunacy and Slowmotion Apocalypse. Fans of The Black Dahlia Murder, Himsa, Bring Me the Horizon and At the Gates are sure to find something to get fired up over in STIGMA. Extensive touring of Europe is to follow, so be prepared When Midnight Strikes!

Охренительная банда из италии. Просто адский угар. Для фанов The Black Dahlia Murder! Мой рип с оригинального CD. Enjoy)

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Factory Of Dreams - Poles (2008)

Genre: Progressive Gothic Metal (Female Vocal)
Info: [Mp3//320//44100Hz Stereo]
Length: 42.34 min
Size: 97 Mb
Country: Portugal


1. Transmission Fails (4:04)
2. The Sight Of A Better Universe (3:19)
3. Air Powerplant (5:48)
4. Factory Of Dreams (6:07)
5. Gliding Above The Ocean Of Memories (4:53)
6. Peace Echoing (4:08)
7. Stream Of Evil (3:01)
8. The Piano In The Sea (2:55)
9. Generator Of Illusions (3:52)
10. Electric Boom (4:27)

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Journey - Revelation (2008)

Genre: Proressive Rock
Info: 320kb [CD-RIP] + Covers
Length: 105.26 min
Size: 250 Mb
Country: USA



CD 1

"Never Walk Away" - 4:19
"Like a Sunshower" - 4:29
"Change For the Better" - 5:52
"Wildest Dream" - 5:02
"Faith in the Heartland" - 6:18
"After All These Years" - 4:10
"Where Did I Lose Your Love" - 5:02
"What I Needed" - 5:28
"What It Takes To Win" - 5:23
"Turn Down the World Tonight" - 4:56
"The Journey (Revelation)" - 5:25 [instrumental]

CD 2

"Only the Young" - 4:14
"Don't Stop Believin'" - 4:55
"Wheel in the Sky" - 5:01
"Faithfully" - 4:47
"Any Way You Want It" - 3:25
"Who's Crying Now" - 5:16
"Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" - 5:27
"Lights" - 3:16
"Open Arms" - 3:22
"Be Good to Yourself" - 4:29
"Stone in Love" - 4:27


Arnel Pineda - lead vocals (except as noted)
Neal Schon - all guitars, backing vocals
Jonathan Cain - keyboards, backing vocals, rhythm guitar on "Stone in Love"
Ross Valory - bass, backing vocals
Deen Castronovo - drums, percussion, backing vocals


Isor - The Zebra Theory (2008)

Band: Isor
Album: The Zebra Theory
Year: 2008
Country: United Kingdom (Chester)
Genre: Experimental Metalcore | Hardcore
Current label: Copro Production
Formed in: 1999
Format: mp3@VBR320kbps
Size: 57,6 Mb

1. Care Home Catapult 03:56
2. Never Look A Gift Whore In The Mouth 03:50
3. If I Had A Clue I Wouldn't Need Crosswords 03:41
4. Tiananmen Square Dance 03:45
5. The Great Paperboy Strike Of 1978 04:49
6. Dykes Make My Sperm Strike 03:03
7. A Short Guide To Retaining Integrity Whilst Asking For Your Shoe Back 02:30
8. Disappointingly High Number of Chromosomes 03:56
9. Making Mr. Wood Feel Good 03:04
10. Semtex Sanitary Product 04:06
11. If You Can't Sit On Clouds I Can't Be Bothered Flying 00:38
Total playing time:37:18

Чумовая штучка!!!В группе всего два человека,но жгут они за пятерых!!!

Current line-up
Dave Merricks - Guitar & Vocals
Nick Hemingway - Drums & Backing Vocals

Bullet For My Valentine (Full Discography) [HQ]

Band: Bullet For My Valentine
Genre: Melodic Metalcore | Modern Heavy Metal
Country: United Kingdom (Bridgend, Wales)
Label(s): Columbia (UK)
Trustkill Records (U.S.)
Gun Records/Sony-BMG
Jive Records (Present)
Format: mp3@CBR320kbps [CD-Rip]

Bullet for My Valentine (также Bullet или BFMV) — британская группа, играющая музыку в стиле «металкор». Образовалась в 1998 году, в городе Бридженд, Уэльс, называлась «Jeff Killed John» и участники играли в жанре «нью-метал», перепевая песни Metallica и Nirvana. Затем Bullet for My Valentine стали играть современный металкор, то есть смешение пост-хардкора и мелодического дэс-метала.

2005 - The Poison
2008 - Scream Aim Fire

2004 - Bullet for My Valentine
2005 - Hand of Blood

2005 - 4 words [to choke upon] [Single]
2005 - Suffocating under words of sorrow [Single]
2006 - All these things I hate [Single]
2006 - Tears don't fall [Single]
2007 - Scream, aim, fire [Single]
2008 - Hearts burst into fire [Single]

2006 - Live at Brixton

Current members
Matt Tuck – Lead vocals, Rhythm guitar (1998-present)
Michael "Padge" Paget – Lead guitar, Backing vocals (1998-present)
Jason "Jay" James – Bass guitar, Vocals (2003-present)
Michael "Moose" Thomas – Drums, Percussion (1998-present)
Former members
Nick Crandle – Bass guitar (1998-2003)

Вложил всю душу Ну забываеи голосовать и оставлять коменты!!!

2004 - Bullet For My Valentine [EP]

1. Hand of blood
2. Cries in vain
3. Curses
4. No control
5. Just another star

2005 - Hand of blood [EP]

1. 4 words [to choke upon]
2. Hand of blood
3. Cries in vain
4. Curses
5. No control
6. Just another star

2005 - Suffocating under words of sorrow [Single]

1. Suffocating under words of sorrow
2. Spit you out [Live at Cardiff]
7'' Vinyl - Blue cover
3. Room 409 [Live at Cardiff]
1. Suffocating under words of sorrow
7'' Vinyl - Green cover
1. Suffocating under words of sorrow

2005 - 4 words [to choke upon] [Single]

1. 4 words [to choke upon]
2. Curses [Alternative Extended Mix]
7'' Vinyl
1. 4 words [to choke upon]

2005 - The poison

1. Intro
2. Her voice resides
3. 4 words [to choke upon]
4. Tears don't fall
5. Suffocating under words of sorrow
6. Hit the floor
7. All these things I hate
8. Room 409
9. The poison
10. 10 years today
11. Cries in vain
12. Spit you out
13. The end

2006 - Live at Brixton

1. Intro
2. Her voice resides
3. 4 words [to chope upon]
4. Suffocating under words of sorrow
5. All this things I hate
6. The poison
7. Spit you out
8. Cries in vain
9. Just another star
10. Tears don't fall
11. No control
12. Hand of blood
13. The end

2006 - All these things I hate [Single]

1. All these things I hate
2. Seven days
3. My fist, your mouth, her scars
1. All these things I hate
7'' Vinyl
1. All these things I hate

2006 - Tears don't fall [Single]

1. Tears don't fall [Album Edit]
2. Domination
3. Suffocanting under words of sorrow [Live at Brixton]
2. 4 words [to choke upon] [Live at Brixton]
1. Tears don't fall [Album Edit]
7'' Vinyl
2. Welcome home [Sanitarium]
1. Tears don't fall [Album Edit]

2007 - Scream, aim, fire [Single]

US Edition
1. Scream, aim, fire
2. Eye of the storm
3. Album preview with band commentary.
UK Edition
2. Forever and always [Acoustic]
1. Scream, aim, fire
7'' Vinyl - Black cover
2. Creeping death
1. Scream, aim, fire
7'' Vinyl - Red cover
1. Scream, aim, fire
2. Crazy train

2008 - Scream, aim, fire

1. Scream, aim, fire
2. Eye of the storm
3. Hearts burst into fire
4. Waking the demon
5. Disappear
6. Deliver us from evil
7. Take it out on me
8. Say goodnight
9. End of days
10. Last to know
11. Forever and always

2008 - Hearts burst into fire [Single]

7'' Vinyl
1. Hearts burst into fire
2. No easy way out
1. Hearts burst into fire
2. Hearts burst into fire [Acoustic Version]

Other songs:
Tears don't fall [Acoustic]
Ashes of the innocent
Hand of blood [Album Edit]
Say goodnight [Acoustic]
Turn to despair
Guitar duel