Sunday, 10 August, 2008

V.A. The Cold Metal Compilation

Track List:
01.I Walk Among You (Iced Earth)
02.Within Me (Lacuna Coil)
03.This Calling (All That Remains)
04.Tyrants (Immortal)
05.A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh (Celtic Frost)
06.Metal Melt Down (Judas Priest)
07.Nothing Left (As i Lay Dying)
08.Trashed,Lost & Strungout (Children Of Bodom)
09.Like A Slave (Kalmah)
10.Failure's Conquest (Arsis)
11.O.O.O (Behexen)
12.Cry Of The Black Birds (Amon Amarth)
13.Progenies Of The Great Apolaclypse (Dimmu Borgir)
14.Possesed By Satan (Gorgoroth)
15.The Glided Dagger (Sonic Syndicate) (Available For Seperate Download Only,Not Included In The Compilation)
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