Saturday, 16 May, 2009

Mors Principium Est - Inhumanity [japanese & remastered version]

Finlandia | 2003 | Melodic Death Metal

"Inhumanity" es el álbum debut de la banda melódica finlandesa Mors Principium Est. Fue editado originalmente el 18 de Abril de 2003 a través de Listenable Records. Fue grabado en Tico-Tico Studios (Kemi, Finlandia) durante Diciembre de 2002 por Ahti Kortelainen, quién también se encargó de la mezcla. La masterización estuvo a cargo de Mika Jussila.

Line up:
Jori Haukio – guitarra
Ville Viljane – voz
Jarkko Kokko – guitarra
Mikko Sipola – bateria
Teemu Heinola – bajo
Toni Nummelin – teclado

Track list:

01. Another creation
02. Eternitys child
03. In my words
04. Inhumanity
05. D.I.B.
06. The lust called knowledge
07. Oblivion
08. Life in black
09. Last apprentice
10. Into illusion
11. The lust called knowledge [2005 remix]
12. Inhumanity [live]
13. Pure [live]
14. Hijo de la luna [mecano cover]

Saturday, 9 May, 2009

Discografia: It Dies Today


2002 - Forever Scorned (EP)
2004 - The Caitiff Choir
2006 - Sirens

Epica - The Divine Conspiracy (2007)

Site / Myspace / Lastfm
Ano: 2007
País: Holanda
Estilo: Symphonic Gothic Metal
Tamanho do Arquivo: 92mb/33mb

1. Indigo - Prologue
2. The Obsessive Devotion
3. Menace of Vanity
4. Chasing the Dragon
5. Never Enough
6. Lafetach Chataz Rovetz (The Last Embrace)
7. Death of a Dream (The Embrace that Smothers ~ Part VII)
8. Living a Lie (The Embrace that Smothers ~ Part VIII)
9. Fools of Damnation (The Embrace that Smothers ~ Part IX)
10. Beyond Belief
11. Safeguard to Paradise
12. Sancta Terra
13. The Divine Conspiracy
14. Higher High
15. Replica

Download MediaFire Parte 1
Download MediaFire Parte 2

Saosin - Come Close DVD - Live at the Theater of Living Arts


Tracklist :

it�s far better to learn
it�s so simple
lost symphonies
follow and feel
come close
3rd measurement in c (slow jam)
i never wanted to
i can tell there was an accident here earlier
bury your head
translating the name
you�re not alone
some sense of security

seven years



Underoath - Define The Great Line [2008]

Artist: Underoath
Album: Define The Great Line
Year: 2006
Label: Solid State Records
Track List:
01. In Regards to Myself
02. A Moment Suspended in Time
03. There Could Be Nothing After This
04 .You're Ever So Inviting
05. Salmarnir
06. Returning Empty-Handed
07. Casting Such a Thin Shadow
08. Moving for the Sake of Motion
09. Writing on the Walls
10. Everyone Looks So Good from Here
11. To Whom It May Concern

Size: 91,8Mb