Saturday, 25 October, 2008


1.Translucent Dreams
2.The perfect Chaos
3.Asphyxiated and Inflammable
4.Shed the second Skin
5.Walk Puppet walk
6.Killing Time
7.The Psychonaut
9.Human Wasteland
10.Final Frontier


Album Uploaded By Ishwan.
Album Taken From Darker Than Black

Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season

Banda: Bring Me The Horizon
Album: Suicide Season
Ano: 2008
Label: Visible Noise/Earache/Shock
Track List:
01. The Comedown
02. Chelsea Smile
03. It Was Written In Blood
04. Death Breath
05. Football Season Is Over (ft. JJ Peters)
06. Sleep With One Eye Open
07 Diamonds Aren't Forever
08. The Sadness Will Never End (ft. Sam Carter)
09. No Need for Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You on the Back of Toilet Doors
10. Suicide Season


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Saturday, 18 October, 2008


1. Plastic
2. Cold Reflection
3. W.I.F.
4. Pitch-Black
5. Darkbound
6. Humanimal
7. Misery Assembly Line
8. Downfall
9. Orbit Dance
10. Veil of Sun
11. Hollowgram

“Orbit Dance” is the debut album for the band from Finland that exists with the name MYGRAIN since 2004, although the two guitarists were playing together since 1999. Their aim was to deliver fast melodic metal and this is what MYGRAIN do in their first release.
They are fast and aggressive and their songs are based mostly on heavy riffing and melodies accompanied with keyboards that never stop to create an atmospheric background and sometimes an oriental tone for their music. They maintain a stable tempo in their songs without many violent outbrakes or really slow parts, only when needed. The singer is growling and his voice is distorted, but in the majority of the choruses the vocals swift to clean ones, something that is typical of new extreme bands that have a more commercial direction in their playing. The production of “Orbit Dance” is well cared and the outcome sounds tight, but this is not the album that will make the difference. Especially in the field of melodic death that has the honour to be served by huge bands that are active almost 20 years now, you need a lot of talent to be recognised at once. Not that MYGRAIN are out of the picture, “Orbit Dance” is a decent release as a debut. The fact is that there is plenty of room for progress in many levels so to be able to produce even better results.
"Orbit Dance" is a CD that will not let you down but it is just what I said above, common. If they come up with some fresh ideas, I think that they will kick some major ass.

Tuesday, 7 October, 2008

All That Remains - Overcome (2008)

Album: Overcome
Genre: Metal
Label: Prosthetic / Razor and Tie

1. Before the Damned
2. Two Weeks
3. Undone
4. Forever In Your Hands
5. Chiron
6. Days Without
7. A Song For The Hopeless
8. Do Not Obey
9. Relinquish
10. Overcome
11. Believe in Nothing

Overcome is the fourth full-length studio release from Springfield’s (MA) own All That Remains, one of the heavy hitters on Prosthetic Records’ solid lineup. Overcome’s release date was officially September 16, 2008. The album’s first single will be “Chiron” and will be one of the downloadble songs for Rock Band, along with “Two Weeks”.

First off, let’s start with what this album did right. They capitalized on one of the few shortcomings of The Fall of Ideals, being that the new album is consistent, and does not have any overly strong or weak points. Overcome also has some really good songwriting, and makes use of some really great melodies. My favorite examples of this is the clean vocal melody in the song “Two Weeks” [track 2] or the guitar parts in “Before the Damned” [track 1] when there are no vocals (pre-verse, about 22 seconds in).

That about covers the good things about this album. Now to begin the bash-fest that will be this review from here on out.

The first thing I want to address is the vocals. The melodic vocals sound AWFUL. I really want to know what the hell happened to Philip Labonte’s voice, or why the decision was made to change the way they were. The screaming/growling vocals are very sub-par throughout the album, but are at times just as fantastic as those from The Fall of Ideals. In some instances the screaming/growling sound almost like clones from previous albums (”Before The Damned” could easily have been from The Fall of Ideals). Most cases of the more intense vocals are simply yelling, though, similar to the new Bullet For My Valentine approach. It worked for them, but certainly doesn’t fit for All That Remains.

The next issue is that the intensity is turned way down on this album. It’s still heavy and aggressive. but lacks the “oomph” that they used to have, and none of the songs hit that hard. Obviously the biggest example of something missing from Overcome are vocals like the opening few seconds of “This Calling” [Track 1 from TFoI]. There are no longer visceral, blood-curdling screams. The guitars are no longer as intense, either. They took off a bit of the crunchiness from the guitar sound, although the style of the more rhythmic picking is still as solid (although used less frequently).

All in all, the album shows some potential, but feels overly polished and refined (well done, Jason Suecof). All That Remains have lost their edge it seems. With it’s overly consistent mediocrity, I found it hard to get into this as an album. Granted, there were a couple songs that caught my attention, those songs were addressed in the only paragraph about the good. A pleasant and un-engaging album, because of this there was not much to say about it.

Track picks: “Before the Damned” and “Chiron”

Monday, 6 October, 2008

Decapitated - Nihility (2007)

Decapitated - Nihility (music)

1. Perfect Dehumanisation
2. Eternity Too Short
3. Mother War
4. Nihility
5. Names
6. Spheres Of Madness
7. Babylon’s Pride
8. Symmetry Of Zero

9.Suffer The Children (Bonus Track)

Personal Favourite Tracks:
Spheres Of Madness & Mother War

After hearing Decapitated's "Sphere's of Madness" on MTV2's headbangers ball I thought I should get this record as it has been a while since I've heard something so tight and brutal as Decapitated. I purchased the album and really enjoyed it. I heard the Polish 4some were only about 18 years old when thier first album was released, how cool! Anyways, the musicianship on this record is simple; guitar, bass, drums, vocals death metal. No fancy production tricks or effects, hardly or no reverb or hall effects in instruments, just fast and brutal death. I would most likely consider this what cannibal corpse would sound like with extremely tight drums and guitars. The whole record sounds like they were playing right in front of you, the metal guitars sound like metal guitars, the drums sound like drums.

Note: I live in India we have no MTV 2 here, i just got this video on the net through a friend.

Sunday, 5 October, 2008

Sever Your Ties - Safety In The Sea [2008]

Artist - Sever Your Ties
Abum - Safety In The Sea
Genre - Metal / Hardcore / Rock
Website -
Country - United States

1. Voice Like A Nova
2. After A Storm
3. Hand In Hand
4. This Is What You Get
5. Captive
6. Drifting
7. Things Are Better (Left Unsaid)
8. To The Pacific
9. Here I Am
10. Ashamed
11. (Dont Fear) The Reaper

Release Date: 07/08/2008

Sever Your Ties, on the surface, appears to be another band playing the much maligned (and rightly so) Christian Hardcore/Post-Hardcore genre, which aside from existing as an essential oxymoron, is at the present time flooded with hordes of rather ordinary bands with little or nothing to offer. Fortunately, this debut full length is far from ordinary, and at least to this reviewer, is a breath of fresh air in a very, very stagnant genre.

Right from the get-go, the ferocious album opener, Voice Like A Nova jump-starts the album with an explosive romp. Vocalist Sean Marnul's anguished scream is fresh, unique and full of conviction, and powerful guitar and drum rhythms plow forward throughout the song. Simple, yet intelligent song-writing is evident, as Marnul alternates between a tortured scream and hefty clean singing.

Ensuing tracks, After the Storm and Hand in Hand display the same energy and passion, but with varied instrumentation that sound a bit like Demon Hunter. Synth sections playing over the guitar, which in turn swap quickly over into choppy semi-breakdowns give the songs solid differentiation from the opener. The band is capable of merging aspects of hardcore, metalcore and punk and combined with their vaguely philosophical vocals enable them to generate a fresh, fun new sound. Lead single Captive, is a spacey song with more clean singing that gives the best overall look into Marnul's actual singing. Although sounding a bit generic, his true clean singing is solid and Captive is an excellent song, arguably the best on the CD.

SITS instrumentation is also excellently done. Solid riffing and heavy, driving drum beats, coupled with a thick bass line do well to complement the wide range of vocals found on the album. Although nothing terrific or mind blowing, the well balanced, conservative guitar and drum work, do a little to help this bands cause, but the real item that separates them from the rest of the pack is their extensive use of synth. For those readers who are familiar with Sky Eats Airplane, sections of some songs, especially To The Pacific have a very Nintendo-Esquire synth line mixed in. If it sounds strange in writing, it comes across as nothing short of epic, sort of boosting the overall feel of the song.

This effort however, is not without its negatives, although they are few and far between. This Is What You Get is one of those songs in which a band just does not know when to stop, repeating the lyric with the song's title far too many times. Things Are Better Left Unsaid, is another not so hot song that finds the band venturing into pop-punk territory and comes off just plain corny, a lapse in song writing on the band's part.

Those flaws aside, Safety in the Sea is without a doubt worth a listen to casual and serious fans alike. A fun, safe effort full of passion, conviction and attitude it is definitely a few cuts above most of the trash that comes out of this genre. Although some tracks were not mentioned, among them Here I Am and closer Ashamed, they are excellent as well and are not to be skipped. A horrible rip off of Don't Fear The Reaper is the actual ending of the CD, but was not really worth talking about.

The Clear Best
Voice Like A Nova

The Clear Worst
Things Are Better Left Unsaid
That's What You Get

Saturday, 4 October, 2008

Unearth - The March

1. My Will Be Done
2. Hail The Shrine
3. Crow Killer
4. Grave Of Opportunity
5. We Are Not Anonymous
6. The March
7. Cutman
8. The Chosen
9. Letting Go
10. Truth Or Consequence

Genre: Metacore
Year Of Release: 2008
Country: U.S.A
Official website Unearth.TV

Line Up (Current):

  • Trevor Phipps - vocals
  • Buz McGrath - guitar
  • Ken Susi - guitar, vocals
  • John "Slo" Maggard - bass, vocals, piano
  • Derek Kerswill - drums
Image:Unearth in 2006.jpg

Friday, 3 October, 2008

Behemoth - Slaves Shall Serve

Behemoth - Slaves Shall Serve

Slaves Shall Serve
Death Metal

01. Slaves Shall Serve (Album Version)
02. Entering The Pylon ov Light (Non Album Song)
03. Penetration (The Nefilim-cover)
04. Until You Call On The Dark (Danzig-cover)
05. Demigod (Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2005)
06. Slaves Shall Serve (Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2005)


07.Slaves Shall Serve (Video)

Mp3 + High Quality DVD Rip Video
320 kbps
Download(via Rapidshare)