Saturday, 9 May, 2009

Underoath - Define The Great Line [2008]

Artist: Underoath
Album: Define The Great Line
Year: 2006
Label: Solid State Records
Track List:
01. In Regards to Myself
02. A Moment Suspended in Time
03. There Could Be Nothing After This
04 .You're Ever So Inviting
05. Salmarnir
06. Returning Empty-Handed
07. Casting Such a Thin Shadow
08. Moving for the Sake of Motion
09. Writing on the Walls
10. Everyone Looks So Good from Here
11. To Whom It May Concern

Size: 91,8Mb


[water porch] said...

sorry, but today is not a good day and it was really annoying having useless info in the album title once i loaded it into iTunes; it'd be one thing if i could correct it myself, but the program will not allow me, so therefore, i am being forced to delete this version that i downloaded from you and seek another version. no hard feelings, just another annoying fact of this annoying day.

[water porch] said...
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