Monday, 29 September, 2008

Nokturnal Mortum - Discography

1995 - Twilightfall (demo)

1996 - Lunar Poetry (demo)

1997 - Goathorns

1997 - Return of the Vampire Lord

1997 - Marblemoon

1997 - Return of the Vampire Lord / Marblemoon

1998 - To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire

1999 - Nechrist

2003 - The Taste of Victory

2004 - Twilightfall (Remastered)

2004 - Lunar Poetry (Remastered) : Part 1 Part 2

2004 - Goathorns (Remastered) : Part 1 Part 2

2005 - Weltanschauung : Part 1 Part 2

Band: Nokturnal Mortum
Genre: Folk Symphonic Black Metal
Country: Ukraine

These guys were one of the first Ukrainian bands that I had ever heard. It was the first band I had heard which boasted two keyboard players. Never thought I'd ever be interested in a band that had 2 keyboard players... But, I was proven wrong.

If you sift through their discography you'll be graced with a different band every few albums. Between Goathorns and Nechrist it almost sounds like two different bands. Weltanschuaang feels like a band which suddenly integrated the sounds from both the above mentioned albums. Bottom line is this band boasts an amazing discography and their albums never get old.

Though my personal favourite would still remain Goathorns. But all their albums are worth checking out... Enjoy!!!

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