Saturday, 18 October, 2008


1. Plastic
2. Cold Reflection
3. W.I.F.
4. Pitch-Black
5. Darkbound
6. Humanimal
7. Misery Assembly Line
8. Downfall
9. Orbit Dance
10. Veil of Sun
11. Hollowgram

“Orbit Dance” is the debut album for the band from Finland that exists with the name MYGRAIN since 2004, although the two guitarists were playing together since 1999. Their aim was to deliver fast melodic metal and this is what MYGRAIN do in their first release.
They are fast and aggressive and their songs are based mostly on heavy riffing and melodies accompanied with keyboards that never stop to create an atmospheric background and sometimes an oriental tone for their music. They maintain a stable tempo in their songs without many violent outbrakes or really slow parts, only when needed. The singer is growling and his voice is distorted, but in the majority of the choruses the vocals swift to clean ones, something that is typical of new extreme bands that have a more commercial direction in their playing. The production of “Orbit Dance” is well cared and the outcome sounds tight, but this is not the album that will make the difference. Especially in the field of melodic death that has the honour to be served by huge bands that are active almost 20 years now, you need a lot of talent to be recognised at once. Not that MYGRAIN are out of the picture, “Orbit Dance” is a decent release as a debut. The fact is that there is plenty of room for progress in many levels so to be able to produce even better results.
"Orbit Dance" is a CD that will not let you down but it is just what I said above, common. If they come up with some fresh ideas, I think that they will kick some major ass.

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