Friday, 12 March, 2010

Demonic Resurrection - A Darkness Descends (2005)

'A Darkness Descends' is the second full-length release from the Demonic Resurrection stable. This release has come after a long time spent by the Demonstealer in stabilizing the band with a new line-up following several changes after the release of Demonic Resurrection's first full-length album 'Demonstealer' in 2000.

‘A Darkness Descends’ comprises of 12 tracks that have surely done Mumbai-based Demonic Resurrection proud. With their unique blend of aggressive, melodic, power metal and Behemoth-like vocals, Demonic Resurrection have carved a niche for themselves in the Indian underground extreme metal scene.
Nearly 5 years in the making, ADD is a must-listen not only because it is an excellent set of songs, but also because the final mix is pristine - every instrument can be clearly heard, while simultaneously blending together without the album sounding over-produced.

There are so many CDs that get by on one or two fantastic songs.. ADD has three - Frozen Portrait, Apocalyptic Dawn and The Summoning are nothing short of orgasmic.
Carnival of Depravity begins with an eerie gypsy solo; Where Shadows Lie is very well-structured; Invoking the Demons starts out slow and then really picks up pace after about two mins, while A Darkness Descends and Spirits Of The Mystic Mountains define fantastic riffs.
Going by this album, DR has really hit their stride and they're only getting better with time.

Tracklist -
1. Prelude To Darkness 01:01
2. Dreams Of The Dead 04:59
3. Apocalyptic Dawn 06:17
4. Behind The Mask Of God 04:37
5. Carnival Of Depravity 05:41
6. Spirits Of The Mystic Mountains 04:57
7. Where Shadows Lie 06:44
8. A Darkness Descends 05:37
9. Invoking The Demons 03:58
10. Frozen Portrait 07:11
11. The Summoning 07:3
12. Overture To Glory 02:16

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