Friday 12 March 2010

Kryptos - Spiral Ascent (2004)

Kryptos was formed in the winter of 1998 from the remnants of many a beer keg. Ganesh and Nolan, who by some glitch in the cosmos, were classmates, decided to take their love for heavy metal

to the next level. After spending countless beer guzzling nights listening to metal, metal and more metal, Kryptos was born. In came Chinglen on the skins and Kryptos made their live debut at Vibrations '98 at I.I.Sc, Bangalore. The three guzzlers went from strength to strength razing venues all over the country to the ground with their ripping brand of heavy metal.

The first chink (no pun intended) in the band's armour appeared when Chinglen had to leave the band due to unfortunate circumstances. But unfazed and undeterred, the band recruited drum wiz and beer monster, Ryan Colaco in the fall of 2001. Kryptos further added to their full metal arsenal when they recruited Akshay a.k.a Axe on guitars during the end of 2002. With a stable, alcohol fuelled lineup, Kryptos is better than ever and is all set to rip their way into the international metal scene and firmly put Indian metal on the map.

In a world ruled by mindless trends and braindead music, Kryptos are unabashedly 110% heavy metal and make no bones about it. Influenced by the classic gods of metal like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest,Iron Maiden along with other extreme/melodic metal stalwarts like Dark Tranquillity, Nevermore, Iced earth, In Flames, Sodom, Candlemass, Death etc. They play metal because it's in their blood and are a higly intense live act capable of raising hell at any venue with their bonecrushing brand of metal as audiences from cities like Bangalore, Bombay, Mysore, Pune etc will testify.

Circa 2004, Kryptos are all set to take the metal community by storm with their soon to be released debut album titled Spiral Ascent. Armed with stunning cover art designed by none other than the masterful Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquillity, the album will feature 9 tracks of smouldering, spine snapping \M/ETAL. Whether it may be live or on disc, you can be certain these guys will guarantee anyone a highly lethal dose of heavy metal fury. 

Current line-up
Nolan Lewis - Guitars/Vocals
Rohit Chaturvedi - Guitars
Jayawant Tewari - Bass
Ryan Colaco - Drums

1. ...Cursed Evolution 05:00
2. Altered Destinies 03:34
3. Forgotten Land of Ice 04:12
4. Clandestine Elements 03:00
5. In Twilight's Grace 05:14
6. Expedition to Abnormalia 04:11
7. Satyr Like Face 03:46
8. Forsaken 04:21
9. Descension 03:08
10. Spiral Ascent... 05:02

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